Aqarat Headquarters, Kuwait City
The interior fitout of Aqarat Headquarters, an area of 2,200sqm, comprises various departments, with open workspaces  and enclosed offices, shared programs (conference rooms) and supporting facilities. With a donut-shaped floor plan, hollowed by an internalized atrium, we devised a perimeter corridor that accesses and overlooks all departments’ open workstations. From there, the departments’ managers enclosed offices are accessed. Lined up along the outer perimeter wall with daylight flooding in, the enclosed offices’ walls are partial in height, with clerestory windows atop the built in cabinets, to let light in.


Principal Architect: Naji Moujaes
Project Team: Alia Al-Azzeh, Peter Cleven, Mohammad Nizamuddin, Johnny Salman, Raymund Yadao